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Waterside Swim & Health Club Reopening News

Dear Health Club Members,

We hope this finds you well.  

As you have likely heard, the Governor has advised that Health Clubs will be able to open soon. I am writing to update you on all things related to our Health Club.

By way of background, both the State and the City have issued guidance about what is required for Clubs to be able to open safely. We are in the process of reviewing all aspects of this guidance.  It includes, among other things, revised occupancy standards, permitted activities, cleaning protocols, ventilation systems, PPE requirements, including the wearing of masks at all times when you are in the Club and when you are exercising. 

The guidance and obtaining approval to open Health Clubs involves passing an inspection by the Department of Health, which includes having a highly specific type of ventilation system.  We are in the process of evaluating what improvements we need to make to our ventilation system to meet the standards of the State and the City.  Although we cannot give you a precise date, we do anticipate that this evaluation and installation process will take approximately 6-8 weeks to complete.  As always, safety remains our priority.  

The Mayor has indicated that inspections for Health Clubs, and therefore approvals to open, may take time to schedule.  These same inspectors also have to inspect New York City schools which he has made their priority.

Please know that during the mandated closure, we have continued to work to improve our Club, preparing for the time when we can open.  We have updated much of our equipment which we know you will enjoy using.

We will continue to be in touch with you as we monitor the State and City guidance and any additional information we receive.

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Due to COVID-19 ,The city has imposed very strict guidelines on reopening commercial gyms which will require a new HVAC system with the appropriate COVID filters prior to a reopening inspection. Waterside is committed to the absolute safety of all club members and has already started this project. We have taken this time during closure to upgrade the facility and every piece of equipment is now brand new. We have also doubled the sanitizing stations, added touchless dispensers and will have reservation/social distancing procedures in place upon reopening to ensure the safety of all members. We will continue to update all members on the progress of construction and we look forward to reopening as soon as we possibly can!
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